Visitors of EuroShop 2014

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Scheiwe; © Messe Düsseldorf
Mr. and Mrs. Scheiwe maintain a butcher shop. They visit EuroShop for the first time. They already bought a scale: "For us the visit was worth it already."
Photo: Chris Criscione; © Messe Düsseldorf
Chris Criscione from England is a designer. He wants to learn more about special system solutions, floor coverings and lighting at EuroShop. "It is the 4th time I'm visiting EuroShop and as always it is great."
Photo: Susann Seibt; © Messe Düsseldorf
Susann Seibt of brandroom GmbH explains: "At EuroShop you find concentrated competence and experts for every topic of retail." She is an interior designer looking for material and form trends. Furthermore she is looking for interesting inspirations.
Photo: Konsta Mäkikangas; © Messe Düsseldorf
Konsta Mäkikangas comes from Finland. He enjoys the lively atmosphere. Especially he's looking for new technical solutions: "It's a unique opportunity to take a look for so many innovations at once."
Photo: Pedro Moura Castro; © Messe Düsseldorf
"I’m at EuroShop for the fifth time," Pedro Moura Castro explains. He comes from Portugal to EuroShop. He is looking for new technologies for shop systems.
Photo: among others Bayram Avucu; © Messe Düsseldorf
Bayram Avucu works for a planning company. The company offers mainly system solutions for the gastronomy. He likes to take a look for the creative implementations and the different materials of the different stands.
Photo: Benjamin Rawlings; © Messe Düsseldorf
Benjamin Rawlings from England visits EuroShop for the first time. He is satisfied about the multifaceted offerings. The innovations he already saw impressed him: "I know already that I'll be a visitor in three years again."
Photo: Tobias Schön ; © Messe Düsseldorf
Tobias Schön is looking for new trends at EuroShop. He is especially interested in lighting. "Due to lack of time I'm visiting EuroShop just for one day. But in three years I will come back and I will take more time."
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Marquardt; © Messe Düsseldorf
Mr. and Mrs. Marquardt are for the first time at EuroShop. They especially like the decoration from the Lighting Hall. Roxana Marquardt explains: "It is very impressive what the exhibitors come up with. We will definitely come back in three years."
Photo: Martin Durcan and Brendan O’Sullivan; © Messe Düsseldorf
Martin Durcan and Brendan O’Sullivan from Ireland visit EuroShop for the fifth time. The international character is very important for them: "EuroShop is one of the most important trade fairs of the retail industries. One has the chance to see all innovations of the market at once. EuroShop is just different."