Turn your store into a shopper's paradise: Third Places

How do you create a Third Place?

Two visitors of the Messer stand in front of a wooden wall, with two screens; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Creating places where people enjoy spending time

Creating a brand presence and facilitating immersive design

Intention / Emotion: the secret of creating new spaces

How do I create attractive Third Places in retail?

Captivating store design – Shopping with all senses

More about the attractive design of your Third Place

At one booth, green paper leaves of various plants hang from the ceiling; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf.
An exhibition stand in the form of a store for cereal foods with green potted plants; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf.
A man points at large colorful candy wrappers on a wall; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Two screens on one wall, behind them are wooden slats in different colors; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Two adorned female mannequins, one with a large colorful bow tie around her neck, the other with a flower headdress; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
A table at a booth in the shape of a large pair of glasses with a black rim; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Glass bottles and vases on a wall with water and plants inside; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
A large booth photographed from above with green floor, yellow shelves, red and blue walls and visitors; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Hanging wooden hangers in front of a wall with pattern; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
A long booth with many shelves and tables displaying potted plants; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Three patterned mannequins, two raise their arms; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Huge hanging colorful decorations like baubles at a trade fair stand; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
A sausage counter at a trade fair stand; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Current Insights

The Haleco project in the foreground with Montréal, Canada in the background; Copyright: 2022 Haleco

City center: change in time of crisis

The design of local centers is a future task for everyone.

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The light-flooded roof of a shopping mall in classicist style; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Shopping center Canal Walk

A shopping experience in Cape Town's largest mall

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Total of the Super Hub in the Netherlands :©Ronald Zijlstra /De Zwarte Hond

SuperHub in Groningen

To build an inviting community center of the future
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Create places to feel good and stay!

Store Design Stage

A man holding a presentation at a Stage at EuroShop trade fair; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf


A foam rod in dark red light; copyright: Room4senses

Hot Topics

Solutions that create Third Places

A shelf made of wooden bars for a unique look copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
 Visitors to the trade show look at a store concept. copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

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The 'Who is Who' of retail

Visitors to a trade fair stand together in the aisles; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf