Several euro bills spread over a surface; copyright: Ibrahim Boran/unsplash

Survey: Cash is number one in Europe


According to a new survey cash is the most frequently used payment method in Europe. On average, one out of four respondents see the digital euro as a supplement to cash.
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A person using a DTEK touch screen; Copyright: revolutionizes retail with SWIFT

31.10.2023, a leading provider of innovative retail technology solutions, officially launched SWIFT at North Star, one of the world's most disruptive global startup events in 2023. The revolutionary technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to transform the retail checkout process.
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A Person in a car paying via the in-car screen; Copyright: Mastercard

Mercedes-Benz and Mastercard: in-car payments


Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can now start the fuelling process directly from their vehicle and pay digitally by fingerprint. Drivers can now leverage convenient payments to enhance the in-vehicle experience.
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A desperate man holds his hands in front of his face; Copyright: Vladdeep / Envato Elements

Emerging fraud schemes in retail and eCommerce


Visa released the Fall 2023 edition of its Biannual Threats Report which highlights emerging fraud schemes targeting the global economy. This edition showcases a significant rise of phishing schemes proliferated through generative AI tools, and a marked increase in enumeration and ransomware.
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A REWE Pick and Go store in Cologne from the inside; Copyright: Michael Breuer |

Self-checkout: Smarter ways to pay


Companies the world over are both collaborating and competing to develop self-service systems and self-service checkouts that enable an autonomous shopping experience.
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A person is counting Money; copyright: Alexander Grey / Unsplash

Retailers' demand for cash automation solutions surges


Despite the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and cash usage, investment by retailers in devices that count, verify and store banknotes is increasing worldwide.
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A woman stands at an e-pump and pays with a card; Copyright: ccv

Easy charging – quick payment


2023 is the year in which the new charging station regulation comes into force. The aim of this regulation is to make it easier for drivers to charge their electric vehicles in the future. Then all newly installed public charging stations will have to accept debit and credit cards.
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An autonomous Zabka Nano Store; Copyright: Zabka Group

Autonomous stores: Grab&Go concepts multiplying


The autonomous store, which enables shopping with an automated payment process in the background, represents a major leap forward in innovation in the retail sector.
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An Orderbird device for wireless billing; Copyright: Orderbird

All-In-One POS Solutions


Digital solutions in retail and hospitality - "Yet they remain an enigma for many businesses," says David Feichter, Chief Product Officer at orderbird AG.
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A seemingly human eye, around it rows of numbers representing artificial intelligence; Copyright: PantherMedia/sergey_nivens (YAYMicro)

Machine vision: Cameras observe and "think along"


Machine vision has recently made great strides. It is also being used in the area of checkout control in retail.
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A woman walks into a store and holds a smartphone up to a reader; copyright: Zippin

Checkout-free and unmanned stores


Completely cashierless or staff-free stores are still rare, but there are successful examples. Will they soon become a serious alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores?
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Different sweet pastries can be seen on a screen, the computer frames them automatically; copyright: beta-web GmbH

Retail Technology for hands-on use


Digital and with optimized processes – that is how the store of the future will look like. EuroShop 2020 shows all the technologies that make life easier for retailers.
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