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kompas, the dynamic Digital Signage system from dimedis

The main focus of our stand on EuroShop 2008 will be on kompas, our Digital Signage solution. Today we would like to present you with a number of opportunities that kompas can open up in your company:

Digital Signage with kompas means to individually label and present multimedia contents on electronic displays. The spectrum ranges from simple information boards to animated direction signs, up to elaborate commercials and interactive visitor terminals. Digital Signage with kompas offers up a whole new world of interacting with your employees, customers and potential buyers in an attractive and modern way.

kompas is specifically tailored to meet these demands and thus the first choice for anyone who needs to display visual information simultaneously on a large number of screens at different locations. kompas supports a multitude of different media types. Be it static imagery, Flash animations or video - anything that can be displayed within a browser window is no problem for kompas!

kompas offers a number of crucial advantages. kompas is flexible and platform-independent. kompas supports cable and wireless connections, offers fast updates and a synchronous presentation of data on all displays. In spite of all this, the costs of running kompas are kept at a reasonably low level at all times, since kompas is based on Open Source technology and requires no specialized hardware.

Did we pique your curiosity? Then visit the kompas homepage at

More news about dimedis and the topic Digital Signage awaits you in the remaining days until EuroShop 2008 - be sure to check back regularly!