objectflor Art und Design Belags GmbH

expona art + design collection

The Expona art & design collection is a flooring concept that opens up completely new creative dimensions and horizons. The aim is to offer a stylish collection which captures the imagination by its reproduction of natural materials.
The distinctive sign of exclusivity and the highlight of the collection is the Premium-Edition: a choice of 13 captivating authentic colours and surface finishes that have been developed by using innovative printing and reproduction techniques. These are for example reproductions of steel and aluminium sheets as well as wood designs with authentic knotholes and grains.
A PU-treatment ensures protection during transport and installation which is also an advantage in terms of time and cost as the initial treatment of the flooring is no longer necessary.
An attractive sample binder, a sample box and a comprehensive brochure present the entire range of this exclusive design collection: a balanced choice of 101 colours made up of authentic wood, stone and metal designs. Let yourself be inspired by modern trends and new ideas.