Curvet SpA

bent annealed glass

What is it?
It is a type of glass which has undergone a process of high temperature heating thus enabling curvature and followed by a very slow cooling process which ensures extra bow resistance as compared with normal flat glass, even when that glass is tempered. The typical application for this glass is in the furnishing industry, where Curvet offers through its catalogue an ample choice of products within its standard production, but at the same time it is able to provide customized products, according to the customer's own design.
Bent annealed glass is available in 3-19mm thickness, until a maximum size of 2500mm x 4000mm, with different finishes (silk-screen printed, sandblasted, with holes, cuts....) and in many glass types: clear float, tinted, reflective, pyrolitic, Low-E, printed etc.)

Typical applications
It is particularly suitable to be used in the furnishing, refrigeration and lighting industry.