Trautwein SB-Technik GmbH

TobShop – Theft-Proof Display System For Cigarettes

Trautwein sb-technik optimally positioned the tobShop unit in the market. The most important point observed after installation of such units was the fact that the companies operating the machines did not suffer any loss in turnover, yet pevented theft of the products displayed for sale. The manufacturer attributes this to the excellent product presentation combined with the user-friendliness of the machine.

The units have been specially designed to enable theft-proof sale of cigarettes near the cash-desk. Thus the tobShop system is primarily intended for food stores, company canteens, sales kiosks, beverage markets, DIY supermarkets, etc.

The manufacturer underlines above all the following product benefits of tobShop 60/5:

• Presentation of the brands on sale, visibility of the packets
• Fast dispensing
• Capacity: 60 shafts / 900 packets
• No mechanical adjustments required for varying packet sizes
• No labelling required ( packets visible)
• POS advertising possible in 2 advertising windows
• Mode selector switch Permanent release / indvidual release
• RS 232 interface for integration into merchandise information systems and connection of mobile printer and MDE systems
• Indication of turnover in display

As part of the tobShop family, trautwein sb-technik also offers the “tobShop-combi”. The tobShop is completed by a motor-driven lockable glass display case. The doors are released from the cash-desk. This allows the additional sale of cigarette boxes and other valuable items.

Trautwein sb-technik will also present the new tobShop models 60/4 and 75/5.