Werbung + Drumherum Atelier für Verkaufspräsentation

The ability to change makes effective.

Werbung & Drumherum, partners for visual marketing from Octanorm, which has activities around the world, introduces for the first time a newly developed presentation concept at the EuroShop 2008.

Module.A is a multi-functional presentation concept for variable presentation of almost any service or product in the display window, in the shop or at the point of sale.

The basis of the concept are variable modules, made from Octanorm system elements with the highest quality and processing. The diversity of the components, their variable utilizability and the conservative but demanding aesthetics make the Module.A concept so effective.

Supplements like light, showcase and body elements can be added at any time thanks to the endless variable Octanorm program.

With one single Module.A concept, more than 15 different presentation solutions can be realized with differing measurements, focal points and platforms.

In addition to the presentation solutions, Werbung & Drumherum creates and realizes coordinated design concepts which are perfectly integrated in the existing system. With cloth banners, applications or decorative elements which respectively use the possibilities of the system, in this way each Module.A variation becomes an own, communicative and valuable presentation.

Module.A is the perfect solution in order to realize demanding changing design with the value of an otherwise statistic shop furnishing.