psc GmbH

The Performance Tool For High Volume Point-Of-Sale (POS)

The Magellan® 8200 scanner and Magellan® 8200 scanner/scale are members of PSC's high-performance Magellan® line for large volume, point-of-sale applications. It features PSC's patented 360-degree scan pattern for ergonomically correct scanning when seated or standing. Select from five different Magellan® 8200 models to fit your particular application and checkstand designs.

Included in every Magellan® 8200 is the ability to read Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) codes. PSC also incorporated FirstStrike™, PSC 's advanced decoding software for reading torn, poorly printed and disfigured labels of all types. FirstStrike has the ability to autodiscriminate all supported symbologies for added flexibility.