Rocateq B.V.

The CAPS® system

Ever seen a shopping trolley with your company name on it, lying in the water? Embarrassment on account of the bad publicity, anger over the way in which someone is treating your property and regret about the money that is lying there among the fish. And this is only one example of the many: there are shopping trolleys on balconies, in cellars and in back gardens. Thousands of shopping trolleys disappear each year. This puts great pressure on your net profit.

Thanks to CAPS® (Cart Anti-Theft Protection System) this problem, which gobbles up your profit, can now be a thing of the past for you. The CAPS® system ensures that the customers can walk around freely with the shopping trolleys within an area selected by you. However, the minute your customers take the trolley outside the area indicated, the special CAPS® wheel blocks and the customer cannot go and further.