Albion Design & Fabrication Ltd.

Stylish partitions herald yet another use for Albion Suspended Display Systems™

Fortis Bank UK HQ

The debut at a London bank headquarters of striking, floor-to-ceiling partitions in stainless steel rod and colourful acrylic has demonstrated once again the exceptional versatility of the Suspended Display Systems range manufactured in the UK by Albion.

Already widely used as a stylish medium in retail and corporate display, Suspended Display Systems have now been developed to offer multi-purpose solutions for interior partitions, where privacy and the creative use of space are the primary considerations.

At the Fortis Bank UK, 830 individually sized, frosted acrylic panels and 10mm stainless steel rod rise stylishly from floor or ceiling, secured by reinforced fixings. The partitions colour code each floor of the building in varying shades of the Fortis brand colours of red, green, yellow and blue. The result of a brief by urban architects Pringle Brandon, they are positioned in front of the lifts and screen large open plan office areas beyond.

Other applications for the concept are as diverse as creating consultation suites in pharmacies, or changing rooms in retail environments. In addition to display systems of many types, Albion manufactures queue management products and professional audio-visual support equipment.

For further Information please contact Gina Hutchings, Marketing Executive at Gina.Hutchings@albion-manufacturing.com