Trautwein SB-Technik GmbH


The starcomp unit developed by trautwein sb-technik is the first model for the market of combined machines receiving reusable bottles and cases.
Trautwein sb-technik states the following advantages:

• Fast receiving of bottles and cases (bottles 1 s, cases 3 s)

• Receipt of bottles in an upright position ( no spilling of liquid remaining in the bottle)

• Small dimensions (height = 1.59 m, width = 0.59 m)

• Simple and unproblematic programming of new containers/bottles by shop staff

• On-line link for programming and servicing functions as well as networking with merchandising information systems

• Light-weight bottles do not tip over in the insertion zone

• Graphic monitor

• Voucher printing

• Little maintenance requirements

• Recognition of case colour as a standard

• Space-saving background solutions

Launch of series production / market introduction is intended for second quarter of 2002.