HL Display AB (publ)

Slimline ™

Slimline™ brings a revolutionary approach to shelf edge communication. By devoting all space in between label holders to the products, the system puts emphasis where it should be: on the products – not the price tickets.

Slimline™ has been developed as an answer to the retail trade’s efforts to handle an increasing amount of products and references on a given number of square meters. It allows for tightly set shelving – without the normal inconveniences of lost hand space for keeping a category/section properly merchandised. The individual label holders simply swing away when touched.

The system consists of a mother rail which covers the actual height of the shelving. Combined with the hinged label holders and accessories to hold promotional signs, Slimline™ provides a complete solution for the shelf edge. Label holders can be printed in order to highlight different ranges of the offer, for instance own label or organically grown products.

Slimline™ – The Benefits
All space between labels dedicated to the products
The label holders are easy to mount and easy to move
Time for label changes is reduced by approximately 15 %
The label holders can be printed to support each store’s communication concept
The hinge function permits using the front part of the label for consumer information – and the back part for store internal data
Compatible with the Optimal shelf management system
The mother rail has a built-in bumper function, protecting the shelf
The system includes accessories for perpendicular signage
With its contemporary design, Slimline™ improves the look of the shelf edge.