VC Videocomponents GmbH Videoüberwachungstechnik


Clear identification of shoplifter in a supermarket

The new developed speed dome camera concept of VC Videocomponents GmbH allows a quick and clear identification of shoplifters in a supermarket.

The specially designed VC video speed dome camera concept targets any point in a relevant area within less than one second and transmits to anywhere 25 brilliant sharp pictures within one second.

The provided picture sharpness by the zoom lens of the speed dome camera is equivalent to a 15 megapixel camera. This is an outstanding picture quality when you compare it with the existing possible performance of a 4 megapixel IP video camera.

The transmission speed of a 4 megapixel IP camera without compression is also much slower than the transmission speed of a VC speed dome camera because it takes about one second for a 4 megapixel IP camera to transmit one frame only.

Also in opposite to the automatic high performance detailed picture presentation of the
VC speed dome camera detailed pictures of an IP megapixel camera can only be realized by manual post-processing at the PC terminal.

The detailed picture performance of the VC speed dome camera is triggered by a wireless sensor technology which communicates with the VC speed dome camera up to a distance of 100 meter.

Since all pictures are stored in a digital video recorder on files in relation to the article number of the products in case of inventory differences a quick and clear shoplifter identification is possible.

Viewing on the one hand at the pictures which have been taken when picking up the individual article from the shelf and on the other hand by viewing at the pictures which have been taken when paying for the article at the cashier it is easy to identify those persons which picked up articles from the shelf but did not pay for the articles at the cashier.

The VC software allows a trouble-free adaption to any regular cashier system.

Since professional shoplifters are exercising their bad habits in the same store continiously it is normally very easy to seize them at the next occasion when they visit the shop again.