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Safe Spectrum Lighting/Energy Saving Night Covers

Safe Spectrum® by Promolux Lighting International, represents the fulfillment of twenty-plus years of lighting design for the display of fresh foods. Knowledge gained through years of research by renowned international food science laboratories, universities and dozens of field trials has led to a breakthrough in retail grocery display lighting.
The result is industry-leading performance with Increased Food Safety - lower surface temperatures result in reduced pathogen growth, Improved Shelf Life - including improved maintenance of color, nutritional integrity and flavor. Superior Merchandising - unparalleled color presentation in retail food displays

When your store is closed, the woven aluminum reflective night covers insulate your open display cases. The expensive refrigerated air is now kept within the case. Reduces energy consumption Increases shelf life by protecting perishables from heat and harmful (UV) radiation. Lowers maintenance costs,Maintains product integrity,Improves compressor life and refrigeration efficiency,Maintains lower and stable temperatures within the case.