Spectral Gesellschaft für Lichttechnik mbH

Ring Luminaires

Advanced, small, strong – This is what the designers are looking for and what the modern building world requires. Not 1,50 m long and thin but small and round. But with 4000 lumen luminous flux and only 30 cm in diameter.

The ring lamp opens a new horizon for the design of luminaires. A horizon full of opportunities, the possibilities of creating small luminaires with the soft light of this fluorescent lamp are countless.

A creative approach away from the main stream. Toward small and powerful luminaires with a single lamp. To the aesthetic sensibility of the planners and architects, a ceiling encumbered by technical components is obnoxious. Here the ring lamp offers a successful solution. In the ring is sufficient space for ionisation control, loudspeaker, sprinkler, emergency light, intake and outlet air vents, smoke detector and additional spotlight. Integrating all these things into a single module achieves an unacumbered ceiling.
Since the ring is directionless it fits everywhere. Four rings can illuminate an office in a harmonious and homogenous way. The ring luminaire can be mounted into the ceiling, below it, or suspended – all in aesthetic harmony.