Scholz GmbH & Co. KG, R. RS - Leit- und Absperrsysteme

RS-Caution Sign RS 300

The RS 300 warning sign printed with "CAUTION WET FLOOR / ACHTUNG RUTSCHGEFAHR" is the cost-effective, essential device for increasing safety of customers, guests and staff.

By simply folding apart the light yellow sides it is ready for use whenever and wherever a clear warning is necessary to avoid accidents with possible serious consequences.

Space-saving storage of the caution sign RS 300 by simple folding up.

width base: approx. 30 cm,
width top: approx. 21 cm,
height: approx. 62 cm,
depth: approx. 3 cm (folded up)
depth: approx. 42 cm (folded apart)
weight: approx. 1 kg