HL Display AB (publ)

Optimal™ Shelf Management System

Optimal is a simple modular shelf management system which provides a high quality display, maximising product visibility…and profits. Easily applied to existing shelving, our systems comprise clear plastic dividers that are clipped onto a track. Accessories range from adjustable back-plates for vertical display and stock limitation, to versatile "self-facing" systems that automatically feed the displayed products to the shelf front.

The latests innovations include:
Optimal Gravity Feed System: The Gravity Sled ensures that even very light weight products are always moved to shelf edge as sales take place. Steplessly adjustable dividers ensure optimum utilisation of shelf space, while provding a perfect match between price and product. Inclined shelving permits elimination of the normal hands-free space in between levels, while maintaining product access for the consumer.

Optimal Adjustable Back Support: The new, adjustable back support allows for effortless positioning of product depth, even with the removal of normal hands-free space between shelving. The integrated pull strip allows merchandisers to adjust the product display from the shelf edge without having to reach behind the packages.

Optishelf™, easily and efficiently overcomes the difficulties of maximising available shelf space. The "pull-out" feature enables the shelves to be positioned with less distance apart, gaining space by removing the normal access gap above the product normally left for its removal and re-merchandising.