Arno GmbH


Fords and ARNO have confirmed most convincingly that their combined strengths make them a powerful force in Europe with a major win against stiff opposition. Nintendo, who intensively scrutinised the key P-O-P players right across Europe, awarded Fords and ARNO the prestigious project of helping launch the new Game Boy Advance console.

Nintendo’s brief was to create an interactive display for test driving the product in different environments from counter tops to slat walls. In their bid to win the business, Fords and ARNO carried out extensive behavioural research into the 15 – 18 year old target market to shape the style and performance of the display. The result was an innovative, highly functional unit that boasts a convenient, flexible footprint.

The 8500 units were manufactured at ARNO in Germany in under two months. In that time bespoke springs were commissioned to create the freedom of movement required to make the most of the test drive whilst maintaining secure holding.