Access IS

New ultra compact 48-key, programmable keyboard

ultra compact programmable keyboard for retail point of sale
Access IS has introduced a rugged, 48-key keyboard programmable keyboard for retail point of sale counters where space is at a premium. The AKC048 keyboard is easily programmed using the Access IS Windows SoftProg utility, enabling rapid customization of key functions. Custom key caps can be provided with special markings and colours to speed up navigation and enable much faster and more accurate data entry.
At 159mm x 144mm (6.25” x 5.7”), it is the smallest keyboard of its type, saving valuable desk space. It uses a rugged steel sub-frame and mechanical switches with a life of 50 million operations. The key caps are produced using a two-shot moulding process to ensure clear legibility throughout the lifetime of the keyboard. This high standard of construction ensures long-term reliability, minimizing the disruption that can be caused by regular upgrades, and minimizing costs.
The AKC048 has either a USB or PS/2 interface and options include an integrated magnetic stripe reader and a biometric fingerprint reader for user log-on. It extends the Access IS family of programmable keyboards, which now includes versions with 80, 90 and 120 keys and further models with QWERTY layouts.