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New rollout system for kompas, the Digital Signage solution by dimedis

dimedis has readied its Digital Signage system, kompas, for deployment in large networks. Our system is aimed primarily at scenarios where a large number of kompas clients needs to be deployed on a tight schedule and with minimum efforts.

Such large networks usually spread nationwide. And when campaigns are being run that aim at a specific region, and thus have to be shown on a specific number of clients, the location of each client becomes a very important factor. To adjust each and every client specifically to its location ahead of deployment costs a lot of time and money. Thus, dimedis has optimized the kompas rollout procedure to minimize the required efforts.

Each client is released in an identical state. The PC constructor pre-installs the operating system and the client software. Adjustment of each client to its location follows while it is being put into place. For this purpose, a configuration program is run on the client that requires a certain amount of data to be entered. Amongst this data are unique hardware and location identifiers. All information is entered using a barcode scanner - quick, uncomplicated and failsafe.

After entering all the data, the kompas client connects to the kompas server, using a secure VPN that may be accessed by DSL, UMTS, (W)LAN or other means of connection. The server contains all the relevant data for all client locations. Now the client receives all neccessary settings from the server to be able to permanently connect to the network from now on. Thus, inventory and regional attribution of the client are being done in one step. From scanning the barcodes to transmitting all the required data, it usually takes just a few seconds. This way, it is possible to configure any kompas client almost instantly for its current location.

The new rollout system has already proven its worth: 500 kompas clients have been brought online nationwide over the course of only five weeks.

Should you be interested in employing kompas in your company, do not hesitate to talk to us. We are looking forward to meeting you at our stand on EuroShop!