Orwak Group

New Products for Waste Compacting

Waste compacting - a perfect tool for brand building.
Waste compacting is high on the agenda for companies that understand the value of
developing their brand. Overfl owing waste containers and foul-smelling waste stores
create unnecessary bad feeling among customers, employees and local people.
Europe's leading waste compacting company, Orwak AB, is now launching two longawaited new products with modern designs.

A 18-tonne baler that you don't have to hide

"It's high time that we brought such important equipment for waste compaction out
of the shadows,” says Tomas Johansson, Marketing Manager of Orwak AB. All businesses generate a growing volume of waste, and therefore need more convenient
methods of waste management. Well-developed technology, the highest
level of safety and modern design are natural ingredients of Orwak's farsighted
concept. The 3300 baler is clear proof that it is possible to combine 18.5-tonne press capacity with maximum safety, compact dimensions and a user-friendly display with a choice of languages, and then package it all in a neat design. The digital control
display means it can be operated by anyone. "A baler is just as much a part of business today as a photocopier, so you shouldn't need to hide it away,” says Tomas.

Little Elephant - the company's new pet

Little Elephant will soon become everyone's favourite, because he turns bulky waste into bales quickly and quietly, reducing it to a sixth of its original volume.Little Elephant is both reliable and easy to use, since it relies on well-proven technology.
The low weight, low height and small fl oor space it requires make it easy to position and move the unit around the premises. By sorting waste into bins and containers it is possible to create your own recycling station that is conveniently
served by a single compactor unit. The baler is specially designed to compact paper, boxes, corrugated board, soft plastic, etc., into easily manageable bales for recycling.