CashGuard A/B

New Product Generation

CashGuard is launching at Euro-Shop its new product generation for cash handling at the cash desk adapted for the Euro Market. A first after success in Scandinavia (over 2000 systems installed).
CashGuard sells an automatic cash-handling, cash-flow information, anti-robbery and anti-theft system. The system also increases customer throughput at the cash desk and gives a fast return on investment. CashGuard’s target group consists of customers who have cash-payment checkouts. CashGuard’s unique solution replaces the traditional, manual handling of daily cash takings.
CashGuard AB is the only company in the world today who can offer a complete system for recycling both coins and bank notes at the cash-desk. The client list includes hypermarkets, supermarkets, post offices, fast food and drink outlets, do-it-yourself stores, petrol stations,
The company’s goal is to become a standard solution for cash handling at the cash desk. The system has the possibility for card-paying customers to withdraw money directly from the cash-desk, thus serving as a complement to traditional ATMs. The future will include
customers being able to make deposits directly to their bank accounts.