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Neschen profile for HP Designjet Z6100

With the new HP Designjet Z6100 printer series, HP has expanded its range for print service providers in the field of water-based large format printing considerably. Outstanding print quality and a considerably increased print speed (compared with the previous version HP Designjet 5500) are great advantages for the user.
Of course, a wide range of Neschen ”printlux“ and ”printex media“ for water-based inks have already been profi led for the HP DesignJet Z6100. These ICC profi les are available for the RIP software Onyx 7.0 as well as for Colorgate 5.0 and can be downloaded from our homepage (www.neschen.com). You can therefore choose among a diversity of media, from textiles such as the ”printex easy banner“ product range, to paper, self-adhesive films and more. For every idea we can offer the appropriate medium so there are no limits to creativity.