Vitrina Po

Metal shelving systems for shops of various formats

PO Vitrina produces metal shelving systems for shops of various formats:

1. OZMA-met “Econom” series for shops of the economy class (minimarkets, “next-door” shops, supermarkets up to 500 sq m, shops with counters). Load capacity – up to 500 kg.
2. OZMA-met “Elite” series for supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialized shops for selling household goods, construction tools and materials, books, clothes and shoes, multimedia equipment, household chemicals, goods for children and etc. The wide range of components (up to 5,000 elements) provides the best possible displaying of various goods.
3. OZMA-met “Techno” series for the compete equipment of electronics and household goods shops. High load capacity – up to 1,200 kg; wide range of models.
4. OZMA-met “Discount” series for discount and cash-and-carry shops. The design of shelves allows to display and store goods on shelves. The shelves have a wide range of accessories; and instead of basic shelf, euro-palettes can be installed. Very high load capacity – up to 1,500 kg.

The shelving is being positioned as the top-class equipment; it corresponds with the European quality standards, it is protected by the Russian copyright laws and has all necessary certificates. Modern production lines of the enterprise allows to quickly master the production of new models and design trading furniture according to company standards of trading enterprises.