Rheinmagnet Horst Baermann GmbH

Magnetic Foil – Flexibility for your Ideas

Magnetic phenomenae are known since antiquity. However, the compass was the only relevant application up to the mid 19th century. Thereafter arose an ever increasing requirement for magnetic components, particularly for flexible magnetic material. Nowadays, magnetic foils and magnetic strips are applied as indispensable components in the most differing of areas and fields.

Magnetic tags have considerable advantages. They do not harm any surfaces, are quickly applied, exchanged or removed. Magnetic elements, for example, when used for presentation purposes, have the vital advantage that the presenting person does not need to worry whether his “stickers” adhere, or not. Magnetic foils of type PERMAFLEX 5014 are made of environmentally friendly strontium ferrite and are in accordance with the European standard EN 71 for toys. The surface consists of a solidly bonded softPVC coating. The material offers an excellent alternative to traditional self-adhesive materials. It is flexible, easy to stamp out, or cut, may be inscribed or screen printed. PERMAFLEX 5014 is available in the most variable of designs, types of magnetization and adhesive strengths.

Particularly in the marketing profession and the printing industry, as well as for office and general business requisites, magnetic foils of PERMAFLEX 5014 are applicable as innovative presentation appliance, whereby foils which are screen printed in pantone colours, are becoming more and more favourable. Their most prominent application is in the field of vehicle sign plating.

By using the well established magnetic foil PERMAFLEX 5014, every user may fashion his own individual ideas. The company RHEINMAGNET GmbH, situated in Neunkirchen, offers this material on rolls as well as in suitably cut pieces. And at an attractive and convincing price.