The new MMBoxes are multimedia systems with the capacity to operate directly up to 2, 3, or 5 monitors, resolution 1024x768, for the displaying of web pages and images and of videos in different formats: Mpeg, Avi, Jpg, Gif, Flash, PPT, Html, DiVX, Mp3, Codec principles etc..
MMbox permits the distribution of the various contents according to a centralized plan and the management of the various areas to be displayed on the monitors with a view to customizing communication by means of promotional messages, scrolling texts and images.
Equipped with a TV or composite video input for the connection of a TV aerial or device output (such as a video recorder, digital decoder etc.)
Some features: Windows XP or Linux operating system - Intel Celeron Processor D 3.3GHz - Hard Disk 80GB - RAM 512MB – External ports: 4 USB 2.0 ports / 1 Ethernet port / audio 5.1 /1 serial port / 1 parallel port / 1 PS/2 mouse / 1 PS/2 keyboard
These MultiMediaBoxes are ideal in the retail sector, in the large, medium and small distribution sectors for the displaying of promotional and multimedia messages and for interactive communication.
Other applications: betting corners, public transport (buses, trains, planes …), electronic notice boards, cinema and entertainment etc.