Shoptic Display GmbH & Co. KG, Kalms


A combination of luminous display and TFT/digital video player

The new "Instore Media System" LAYPAD + MOVEPAD is an innovativ effective form for the presentation of products and services. The combination of still images and moving video is suitable for application by retail shops, catering companies and service industry.
It is possible to combine two different display modules any way someone likes:

LAYPAD is a super-flat transparency light box. Fluorescent lamps as thick as a straw (CCFL) perfectly illuminate backlits or transparencies. The front screen fixed by means of magnets is very user-friendly. The high-quality design is similar to a flat screen display and comes from another display component.

MOVEPAD is a TFT monitor with an integrated digital video player. With this device, MPEG1 / 2/ 4 videos or JPEG slide shows with audio support (MP3) can be presented. The player, equipped with a LINUX operating system, has a flash card reader which can be used to read-in storage media of up to 4 GB.

The highlight: The displays are operated by 12 volts AC. Therefore, LAYPAD + MOVEPAD can, for example, be fixed by means of filigree wire tension ropes or low-voltage busbars.