Introduction of image- and sales-promotion at the Point-of-Sale - Introduction of a new product to the market – Image Decor System

Under the motto “Convergence” DEKODUR® and transmitted are - using the frame of the EuroShop 2002 – officially introducing their Image Decor system, in short IDS.

The customized POS – design
Image Decor system stands for “individual design solutions” at the point of sale and allows the sole visualization of the corporate design combined with current campaigns.
With the fusion of architecture and design IDS creates a communication, which creates a plus on attention and realization by the viewer, meaning the customer.

IDS visualizes digital messages and realizes convergence
IDS is a laminate which enables multiple organization versions of digitalized advertising messages. Brand awareness and image-transfer at the point-of-sale are made possible in a never seen combination within the shop-interior. In times of growing competition pressure and a continuous stronger growing target group orientation, IDS realizes the convergence of several medias and creates a consequent synergy of system-material and marketing tool.

The Procedure
Pictures, designs, typography are reproduced, using a specially developed printing procedure, and are then, using a high pressure technique and various substrates and surfaces, processed to become a strong unit: the Image Decor System.
The digitally printed motives can be – at your individual wishes – combined with wood, aluminium, stainless steel and fantasy-laminates. There is no set limit to creativity. Even illuminated signs can be realised with IDS translucent, which is comparable to acrylic glass.

IDS – one of the toughest synthetic material
Because of its product- specific condition the surface of the Image Decor System is very strong, extremely UV-resistant, and corresponds in its optical ANMUTUNG with an 80’s crystal raster in the offset-print. The individual and elevated organizations effect, which results from a convergence of the surface and the material used, separates the IDS from comparable solutions and sets forth new standards when it comes to design and visual branding at the point-of-sale.

The variously application possibilities of the image decoration of system:
> The whole spectrum of the office, shop, fair and exhibition building
> Shop-in-Shop-Systems in the POS
> Furniture design and interior drafts
> Public buildings and special development and still a lot more