Umdasch Shop-Concept GmbH

Individual store design with Arena Alu, Classic & Co.

new product campaign

Umdasch Shop-Concept will be presenting its visitors with a brilliant range of new product ideas at the EuroShop 2008. In the development work of the past few years the company has focused in particular on the rapidly growing importance of flexible storage systems. Arena Alu and Classic provide a pre-taste of the new product campaign.

Authenticity and a distinctive appearance are among the essential success factors in a world in which the customer is faced with an ever-growing flood of products and attractions. This applies to the brand appearance in general, but especially to the shopfitting. The consistent visualization of corporate identity at the POS is thus an important precondition if the customer is to develop brand awareness and brand recognition.

Professional store branding is thus becoming increasingly important. But what does that mean for standardized shopfitting systems? Umdasch Head of Development Mathias Seiler commented: “In shopfitting what we shall need in future will be systems with a neutral design which can be employed according to individual requirements”. Umdasch Shop-Concept recognizes quite clearly the direction in which the latest trend is heading: away from shopfitting systems which determine the overall design in favour of intelligent modular systems.

New presentation of the systems Arena and Classic

Umdasch Shop-Concept has developed five shopfitting systems for the EuroShop. Two of them have recently appeared in brochure form. The Classic and Arena Alu programmes are the first in the new series of brochures from Umdasch.

Arena Alu is a development of Arena. The function and design have both been noticeably improved. Aluminium shelves are a completely new development in shopfitting and give the system its name. The comprehensive programme provides for a professional merchandising approach for all ranges of goods. The wide selection of materials and surfaces for back walls and shelves provides an ideal means of satisfying the increasing demand for individual design and branding.

In the case of Classic – the all-rounder among the shopfitting systems – the Umdasch development team has also succeeded in producing a remodelling in the spirit of the times. The classic system for fashion and hardware ranges is famous for its universal applicability and proven functionality. The new shelving system includes a number of innovations and is available in various design versions. The back walls and platforms can be designed in an individual manner; photo motifs and logos can also be applied.

The new product brochures provide a clear overview of the characteristics of the programmes and show the different ways in which they can be used. They are designed to provide basic information for architects, shop designers and retailers with experience of shop investments. The brochures can be obtained from Umdasch Shop-Concept, usca@umdasch.com, and of course from 23-27 February 2008 at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf.