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"Imagineering by LK-AG"

„Imagineering by LK-AG“

As technical market leader in our line of business we constantly work with the latest products. The fascinating diversity of possible applications inspired us to specialise in this field. From our passion and experience arose "Imagineering": large-screen projections in any shape and size! Beyond standard!

"Imagineering" - the very best of image, imagination & engineering

Imagineering is the perfect merger of three terms: image, imagination & engineering and expresses in only one word what our performance is about when it comes to AV-technology. In dialogue with our customers we pick up and enhance ideas and transform them into most appealing large-scale displays by the employment of innovative state-of-the art technologies.

"Imagineering" - gigantic and geometric

The design of visual worlds has reached new dimensions with the latest generation of media servers - and not only when it comes to huge formats realised through a line-up of several servers. Photos, graphics, logos and videos can be projected on nearly every conceivable geometric form - even a moving 360°-projection on a sphere is feasible. Projections on selected fractals of any surface or object are possible, too. "Imagineering - by LK-AG" creates an unprecedented visual experience beyond any conventional video format.

“Imagineering by LK-AG“
Individual "Imagineering“

LED-walls, plasma screens, conventional screens, LED-tiles...
It doesn't make any difference which medium is being chosen for the presentation - to the contrary: all output devices can be interlinked. This paves the way for totally new multi media productions. By such productions our customers will take centre stage and achieve sustained success at trade fairs and events.

“Imagineering“ live

All media servers we are using feature real-time media processing functions and allow for video mixing on-site - no costs arising from pre-production by video studios. In addition, these technologies do leave space for enormous creativity and high flexibility. Thus visual worlds are now being created on the projection object itself and the impact can be assessed straight away on the spot. Moreover can your requests for change or amendments be realised in no time up to the last second or even during show time. Additional software and an extensive basic configuration round off the media servers' performance.

The merging of several pictures or videos, 3D animations, seamless transitions as well as skilful embedding of the materials given to us, e.g. your logos or graphics, into individual compositions - all that and more is possible.