ISOGON Laden- und Messebausysteme GmbH

ISOGON plus TNL - double deck system

ISOGON plus TNL- the new system from ISOGON!

This system allows a new dimension - the first double deck construction available from our system. Naturally, it is compatible with all other ISOGON systems, especially with ISOGON plus.
The system withstands greater forces and consists of a diagonal connecting rod, a node with different types of connecting plates and a new aluminium profile.
Nodes and connecting rods are fastened to the truss element,
resulting in a maximum stress load of 500kg/m2. Cantilevers up to 2 meters are possible.
The new aluminium profile offers substantial advantages by virtue of its light weight. Transportation is made simple due to the ability to assemble and disassemble the components. Visually, it varies very little from the ISOGON plus system and uses the same standard measurement modules.
A complete program with stairs, walls and floor system has been developed. These systems are naturally compatible with all ISOGON systems.