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Floor-covering Exchange System - Uzin-Multibase Ökoline

Floor-covering Exchange System - Uzin-Multibase Ökoline
for textile and elastic floor coverings

A simple exchange procedure when renovating

When renovation of the floor covering in, for example, hotels, trade fairs, trade- or service operation area is to be carried out and involves a change of floor covering, it is normally desirable that this should not take up too much time or generate any soiling problems. The same often applies to residential buildings. In order to render the laying of textile-, PVC- and cushioned vinyl floor coverings a speedy and clean operation as well as to provide an uncomplicated replacement operation, Uzin has introduced a new and patented procedure involving the separable fibrous non-woven known as Multibase Ökoline.

The cellulose base which can be split in half permits the simple peeling away of the upper element without causing any damage to the substrate or generating any contamination. When changing the floor covering next time round, this immediately provides a surface fully ready for recovering. It is not necessary to remove residues of the covering itself, the adhesive or filling material; insulating underlays are protected when the floor covering exchange system is employed.

The EC-1-tested products with a very low emission rate in the Ökoline series are very simple to use with the system. The non-woven base which is about 1mm thick is easy to cut and may be stuck to the primed, filled-in floor surface using a universal adhesive spread over the full surface area. In this way it serves as a substrate ready for laying all types of textile floor coverings, together with a wide variety of elastic floor coverings. The selected floor covering may be laid using the recommended adhesive no more than 1 hour later.

When the replacement activity starts, one corner of the upper layer of the floor covering is loosened in such a manner that the underlying non-woven layer splits roughly in its centre so that it can be removed together with the upper layer. The remaining lower layer of the non-woven base is suitable for laying the new floor covering. With a view to future changes of the floor covering, an additional separable non-woven layer can be applied or, alternatively, the new material can be laid directly on the residual Multibase layer. When elastic floor coverings are used, up to two renovation cycles can be carried out, while with textile floor coverings up to 4 cycles are possible.

To remove the residual Multibase layer it is only necessary to moisten it with lukewarm water containing washing-up liquid. Removal by a spatula is then a trouble-free operation.

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