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Excellent surface quality

WanzlŽs new zinc lacquer coating is setting standards in surface coating systems and giving trolley surfaces excellent protection from the effects of weather and the environment. Extensive testing has shown the new zinc lacquer coating to be of superb quality, keeping trolleys looking their best and working well for a long time. This new coating system from Wanzl has been independently quality and stress-tested by the galvanising standards organisation, 'Gütegemeinschaft Galvanotechnik e.V.', and found to be of the highest grade. Trolley surfaces sealed with the new zinc lacquer thus conform to the exacting standards of quality and durability required of surface treatments in the aviation, automobile and shipbuilding sectors. WanzlŽs system is not only of supreme quality, it is also kind to users and the environment: the water-based lacquer coat contains no harmful substances and conforms to the highest EN standards on health protection. To maintain high quality standards, Wanzl does all the galvanising in-house; and regular independent testing confirms that Wanzl is one of the leading galvanisers in the industry throughout Europe.

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