Display Service S.r.l.


Display Planet and Blueout are two lines of modular display systems produced and distributed by Display Service s.r.l.

Display Service s.r.l. was founded in the early ‘90s for the creation of display systems and related materials according to specifications for sales outlets. Ever since the company’s founding, it has worked with leading companies with specific requests that provided great stimulation to creativity applied to the combination of materials, technical solutions, practicality and efficiency.

Fashion and footwear and other producers of other products requested Display Service to come up with new and original display systems designed specifically for the products to be displayed in windows or inside the sales outlet. In this way, Display Service began acquiring a heritage of experience and know-how that permits the further development of independent and original lines today.

As a result, the Display Planet and the Blueout lines are based on a practical and essential modular display system concept. This wealth of experience has permitted the Display Service technicians to patent a highly-versatile, ready-to-use, easy to assemble modular display system that provides a total solution to the various needs of even the most different merchandising sectors, franchises, separate stores in store, show windows and showrooms, etc.

The Display Planet and the Blueout lines are distinguished by theirs refined styling research and the special materials used with highly-advanced design: aluminium, plexiglass, polycarbonate, wood clear and coloured PVC, and more.

The systems also used expressly designed illumination fittings and poster/banner racks that can be personalised with client’s name or logos and printed with short advertising or informational texts regarding the product on display or the company itself.