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Cube displays pioneering 3D Screens at Euro Shop

Friday 18th February 2005

Cube displays pioneering 3D Screens at Euro Shop

The first 3D screen in the marketplace is being displayed at Euro Shop by in-store entertainment providers Cube.

The SynthaGram 404 screen, which does not require special glasses to view the images, is especially suited for wide-angle electronic 3D signage and exhibits in public spaces such as In-Store Digital Signage, Retail Displays, Tradeshow Booths and Interactive Kiosks, Arcades, Casinos, Gaming, Corporate Lobbies, and anywhere you need to captivate a large audience.

No special lighting conditions are required for the screen due to the bright 3D effects, and there are automatic transitions between DVD-quality 2D and 3D.

The screen's objective is to grab attention but it also increases information recall.

The benefits of the LCD monitor are that it has a very long life with no image burn, and any size flat-screen LCD or plasma can be customized in large volumes for Glasses-Free 3D viewing via special order.

There is an installation of nine of these screens in Gizmondo, the handheld games console company, in Regent Street, Central London.

Display Specifications
Resolution - 1280 x 768
Display Area - 40” Viewable
Brightness - 500 cd/m²
3D viewing angle - 70º horizontal
2D viewing angle - 170º horizontal
Recommended viewing distance -Close - 6.5 ft
Medium - 10ft
Far - 15ft
Dimensions (w x h x d) - 38.4” x 24.2” x 4”