FINBIN Litter Bin Products, Lassila & Tikanoja plc

Comprehensive FinBin XMIT waste collection system increases the efficiency of waste management, as well as safety.

In FinBIN XMIT system the collection bins in customer facilities are integrated to the vacuum conveyor pipelines. Waste is transported automatically through vacuum pipelines from collecting points to waste compactors at the central waste collection point. The system can be used extensively in the waste management of the shopping center or terminal, for instance in the collection of waste from restaurants, offices and other customer facilities. In the system, the design of the waste collecting points and the functions of the user interface are chosen according to customer needs. The system also makes it possible to separate different types of waste and improve waste management security.

By connecting the litter bins in the shopping center or terminal facilities to waste conveyor pipelines, the service transport at the premises can be reduced as the collecting points are emptied discreetly and without nuisance to the environment. The number of maintenance staff as well as the frequency of emptying the bins can be optimized by using the automatic system.

The litter bins in retail and terminal buildings have to be practical as well as elegant; they have to take into account the demands of the environment and the users. Elegant and practical designs as well as clean facilities improve customers satisfaction. Neat environment also improves safety, and designed litter bins give a perfect finishing touch. In the FinBin XMIT system the litter bins in passenger facilities can be customized to meet the overall style of the environment.

The FinBin XMIT -system has been developed in collaboration by the Finnish environmental service companies Lassila & Tikanoja plc and Puztec Oy. In the FinBin XMIT -system, Finnish design and technology meet perfectly the customer needs. Moreover, in certain markets, it is possible to combine other building maintenance and environmental management services provided by L&T.

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Lassila & Tikanoja plc (L&T) is a Finnish company specialized in environmental management as well as in the support services of buildings and plants. In addition to Finland, the company is operative in Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Norway. As an expert company in the field of environment, L&T assists its clients at each stage of waste management, from sorting and transporting waste to recycling the waste materials. The company offers different environmental products, such as litter bins and technical waste treatment machines, which are exported to various countries.

The FinBin XMIT -system is based on Puztec Oy’s XMIT -pipeline conveyor technology. Puztec is a Finnish company specialized in environmental and building technology. Puztec has developed a system where one pipe system can convey different types of waste and sort each type to its own container at the other end. Since 1991, Puztec and it´s parent company Puzair Oy have sold hundreds of different vacuum technology systems throughout the world.