Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: More Knowledge for the Company

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In business, using Business-Intelligence-Software is most beneficial. Many suppliers, many products, many stores and many customers – in other words many data sources and terabytes are in the so-called Data Warehouse. The ranges of applications for intelligent software is consequently multifaceted – from sales projection in the fight against empty shelves all the way to a targeted sales approach in direct marketing.

Glossary: Keywords of Business Intelligence

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Here you will find a short summary of technical terms concerning "Business Intelligence."

Business Intelligence is basis for efficient supply

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Itellium was the IT sector of Karstadt, was sold and then brought back and is now an owner-operated company. Of the 700 former jobs about 270 remain. For the first time ever, Itellium was an exhibitor at the recent EuroCIS, introduced a new payment system and presented itself as a partner in Business Intelligence. In this interview Jens-Uwe Holz and André Paul explain, how the relaunch has worked out so far and why BI is essential for retail and what needs to be paid attention to.