Awarded solution at Plus

The following article has been published in the ‚Lebensmittel Zeitung' on November 5th 2004 and has literally been translated into English:

Frankfurt, November 4th. Microsoft has awarded the software-developer Inverto with the ‘RAD Award' for innovative solutions in the retail industry. The Cologne-based company has been honored in the context of Microsofts retail technology conference in Barcelona last Thursday. The solution ‘E-Contor' is used by, among others, the discounters Plus and Netto Schels for the optimization of procurement activities. As reported earlier Plus wants to handle a Europe-wide volume of 4 billion € p.a. with the tender-platform. Netto Schels plans to purchase private label products and special offer products worth 1 billion € p.a. by means of ‘e-contor'.
The solution by Inverto does not aim at online auctions rather than improving transparency and speed of the workflow, starting from the tender, the offers, and finally, closure of the deal via the internet. Prices as well as specifications can be deposited in the system and can be used for future purchases. Suppliers should govern their data themselves in the system.
In Barcelona a member of the jury, Michael Gerling, CEO of the European institute for the retail industry (EHI) praised the software by Inverto as an innovative contribution to increase efficiency in the procurement process. In the last year, 10 000 suppliers have made more than 3 000 offers via the platform.