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mFLOR Authentic +

mFLOR Authentic +

From the beginning the mFLOR design idea has been to make the closest possible replicas of wood and stone. In 2005 was launched Authentic Plank 14, which remains the most convincing presentation in resilient material of a pine wood floor.

The mFLOR Authentic production method works by producing an embossed surface that follows the printed design of the middle layer of the product. This way wood grains or nail holes can be felt as well as seen, and the cutting marks made in producing marble or granite can also be detected by touch as well as sight.

The only drawback to the original concept was that it limited the number of "faces" available in each design, so that it was possible, with work, to find identical pieces in the floor - something that would not occur in nature.

The innovation of Authentic + is to increase the number of sub-designs contributing to each mFLOR concept, multiplying the number of faces available in each design so as to make each piece increasingly unique.