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Mondel's new Coiba fish display case is an innovative concept in display spaces and operating efficiency.
Mondel created Coiba by studying modeled shapes of water that combine the transparency and freshness this element suggests us naturally. Excellent esthetic impact is derived from the combination of curves, lights and reflexes, giving life to a display space where products encounter the attentive gaze of customers.
Not a single display case but a complete line that can meet the needs of small or large sales areas, with technical and esthetic solutions custom-designed for each space. These new display cases can be built to size, with ad hoc corners for interiors ranging from the large areas inside supermarkets or their fish-shop corners to the more cramped quarters available in restaurants. Layouts with different shapes to best exploit available spaces, such as a semicircular structure where the worktop adapts to the forms and the spherical glass is surrounded by two rounded stainless steel shopping bag support tubes. This same design can be combined with a lobster and shellfish aquarium and with many other customized layouts.
Coiba is at the top of the Mondel product line, summarizing Mondel esthetics and technology.
Coiba is the result of well-established experience, ongoing technological research and the desire to find solutions that meet the needs of workers. It is a combination of an attentive selection of materials and finishes. Care and precision feature all of its details to form a harmonious composition.
Mondel stands for quality and solidity, key factors that make it stand out among "refrigeration" specialists. Mondel, with Coiba, has created a functional and esthetic solution to increase sales.