Albion*Y Design & Fabrication Ltd.

Your competitive edge, or your competitorsŽedge...?

Albion is showcasing the latest innovation in rear projection technology on stand number 11 C48.

Animaze offers exciting possibilities to forward thinking Retail professionals. It is the first rear projection screen to deliver stunningly crisp, digital quality imagery in the strongest ambient light, or in total daylight !

Because of this unique ability, sharp, vibrant, crystal clear digital moving image is finally a reality anywhere in store – even external windows !

The animaze screen is wafer thin, lightweight and stylish. It is the perfect medium for projecting consumer-influencing imagery where it matters most.

Visit Albion to experience the animaze phenomenon for yourself. You will see why this exciting technology is the Žmust-haveŽmarketing medium of 2002.

Complementary to animaze is System-AV, the comprehensive new mounting system from Albion for projektors, plasma screens and CRT monitors.

System AV provides a full range of high quality, cost-effective mounting solutions to the AV professional, and can be seen alongside animaze on stand 11 C48.