Tuffline.TV Limited

Would you like your own in store media channel?

Tuffline TV

Would you like your own in store media channel?

TufflineTV® is here!

Deliver your message with both still images and video with the latest in screen based communications from Tuffline.TV.

TufflineTV® is an innovative system that brings moving images to your store using a monitor, MPEG player and the unique Tuffline® Freestand from Tuffline.TV. Plug it in and it starts playing, no rebooting, no keyboard and no reason to call expensive computer technicians.

Cut through the retail clutter and take your message to the forefront with TufflineTV®.

TufflineTV® is the perfect instore branding station. These freestanding units can be moved to suite your merchandising display needs. The moving content can be changed in minutes and the graphic panels are removable and reusable utilising the patented Tuffline® system. All this means your TufflineTV® can be easily rebranded in minutes keeping your image up to date.

Tabletop, point-of-sale and shelf models are also available and TufflineTV® can be custom built to any size to meet your requirements.

What TufflineTV® means to you

•  TufflineTV® utilizes unused space and is a unique and cost effective display feature for your product.

•  Graphics and MPEG changeover can be performed by store staff, saving on installation costs

•  Protected edges for longer life graphics

•  Graphics are shipped and stored in tubes for easy reuse and reduced shipping costs

•  Environmentally friendly TufflineTV® generates less landfill and reduces the use of PVC and foam mount boards

We now offer a version of TufflineTV® with a shelving option, you can now merchandise your TufflineTV® !

The 22 x 64 inches (550x1630mm) TufflineTV® unit includes a 19 inch monitor, MPEG player and two full colour graphics.