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World’s smallest RF Hard-Tag



World’s smallest RF Hard-Tag

An EAS-tag, as small as possible, light-weight, which can be discreetly attached at any kind of clothes – also at delicate fabrics, this is the wish which the trade signifies.

As well, big inviting entrances with comfortable way trough the antennas of the EAS-systems, are part of the request.

The proper physical ratio between tag-size and entrance width couldn’t be altered for a long time, as far it was said: The smaller the tag, the less the distance between the antennas of the EAS-system !

- With the advanced technology of the most recent tag of the company EAS, is finally possible, what was wishful thinking until now.

PICCO with its diameter of 2,5 can be detected properly at a width of up to 1, 80 m.
(test result with RF-system 8,2 MHz out of the EAS delivery program)

With the advanced technology contained in PICCO this peak finally can be reached.

You can receive more particulars during the EuroShop at the booth of EAS no B.19/hall 6.