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Workstation eXtreme

Workstation eXtreme adds efficiencies to your merchandising and visual methods by simplifying work tasks and increasing productivity.

Workstation extreme...

•All-in-one Utility Cart – It’s a mobile workstation that
simplifies all of your folding and merchandise handling
•Compatible with the mobilefold – workstation extreme is
designed to work alone or with the mobilefold.
•Features All of this at No Extra Cost
•Work / folding surface at a comfortable height for
completing tasks.
•2 storage shelves for mobilefold tabletop and mobilefold
junior tabletop for when not in use, or for unfolded
garments when using the mobilefold tabletop.
•Telescoping supports and removable utility bars for such
items as size stickers, hangers, gift wrap, ribbons, etc.
•Storage clips for the removable utility bars for easy
access and so they don’t get lost .
•Removable side bars for size stickers in a convenient
location eliminating unnecessary steps in the
merchandising process.
•Removable storage bins that reattach to the work surface
reducing movement in tasks and increasing work
•Slide-down covers that hide all the mess and create a
safer work environment.
•Waste bag holder that is non-obtrusive to aisle ways.