Promolux/Econofrost MGV Inc.-Market Group Ventures

What are Econofrost energy-saving night covers?

A unique reflective fabric was developed in Europe where it has now become the standard for energy-efficient night curtains in fresh food departments and has been installed in over 30 countries. Econofrost developed a simple concept that increases energy efficiency and saves money: the night curtains are made to be rolled down while a store is closed, allowing the temperatures inside the food coolers to stabilize overnight. Stores also find that products stay cooler for up to 15 hours during the following day when the units are opened for easy consumer access.
What makes Econofrost unique? The answer lies in the specialized construction of the fabric. Econofrost night curtains are made of layers of woven aluminum—a low-emissivity material that suppresses the flow of radiated heat into the coolers and reflecting it away from the refrigerated goods. The curtain is kept strong and easy to clean by a clear exterior film, and a fire-retardant keeps it safe. Unlike other covers for refrigerated coolers, the surface of Econofrost night curtains are performed and allow a natural release of condensation while trapping cold air inside the cooler.
Large supermarket chains report that their new installations in produce and other refrigerated food departments are saving more than the full cost of the Econofrost installations, sometimes in only a matter of weeks.” Retailers can expect a rapid payback on investment, especially in areas where utility companies offer rebates for installation of energy-efficient technologies.
Easily installed in existing supermarket merchandisers, Econofrost night curtains can also be ordered pre-installed from most manufacturers of refrigerated display equipment, including Tyler/Carrier, Hill Phoenix, Hussmann, Master-Bilt, Barker, Southern Stores Fixtures, and many others. Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Econofrost, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.