Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Wanzl at EuroShop 2005 `Markets in Motion`

WanzlŽs theme for EuroShop 2005 is 'Markets in Motion'. This presentation by the retail tradeŽs biggest systems partner can be seen in Hall 14 (stand no. 14 A 18). The choice of theme is a response to the fast-moving dynamics of todayŽs market, with increasing globalisation and internationalisation of business. At the same time there are significant differences between the various national markets. This demands individualised solutions. As a pioneer of self-service, Wanzl has been involved in all the developments in the retail trade from the start. At EuroShop 2005 the company is putting on a display of its wide-ranging and innovative programme for all areas of the retail sector, from discount market to the high-end, experience-oriented store environment.

Nowadays new-style trolleys are making shopping with children much more pleasant. And encouraging this group of customers to keep coming back to the store. Radar-controlled entrance systems help reduce stock losses. A range of additional functions are available for these entrance systems, like customer-frequency logging for optimised personnel management, and integrated fire-safety features for reater safety in the event of fire.

The new, self-closing checkout barriers are a useful tool in stopping shoplifting. As soon as the checkout assistant closes down the till, an electrical signal is sent to the checkout barrier, which then shuts automatically. The system is therefore not reliant on the member of staff remembering to close the barrier manually. Exits at unstaffed checkouts stay secure. At EuroShop 2005 Wanzl is also exhibiting its range of shopfittings for attractive presentation of products. The focus is very much on customized solutions, with systems being put together to match individual customer requirements. The various modules in the 'system worlds' can be combined, extended and customised as required. WanzlŽs shopfittings are a cost-effective way of helping stores stand out from the competition.