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WOW Magic Lens

We introduce: WOW Magic Lens "Changing the Way the World Looks at Reality!" A hologram appears right before your eyes! Even the camera sees it. But you can't touch it! And neither will anyone else.

Scientists call these amazing phenomena three-dimensional real images. Indeed, the illusions you can create are so brilliant, so alive with color and depth, they defy, yet demand, explanation.

Never has the fine line between reality and perception been exposed with such startling clarity. WOW Magic Lens faithfully reproduces every detail of the object you display within it.

Place any small object or objects in the mirror, taking care to center them. Use your imagination, almost any small object works well: a ring, strawberry, butterfly, coins, buttons, flowers, vitamins, mobile phone, cosmetics, jewelery - you name it. Set the upper mirror on top. Instantly, the objects appear floating above the mirrored circle, in life like color and solid appearance. Shine a light on them. Look at them from all sides. But reach to touch them, and your fingers go right through. There's nothing there but thin air! Again and again, people will refuse to believe that they can't touch what they see before them.

The marvels of this 22 and 55 cm. diameter horizontal Magic Mirrors devices are numerous:
- Light weight and easy to ship > installation takes a couple of minutes
- Available in acrylic: WOW Mini 20 and WOW Maxi 21. For special options there is a model WOW Maxi 21 in special bended glass
- It is all powered by ambient light
- No film is neccessary
- Objects are rendered in full, natural color
- Objects may be easily changed
- Objects display full, 3-D appearance
- Viewable from 360 degrees
- No skill or training needed to operate it.

Exhibit builders have utilized the Model 21 Maxi to draw attention and stir excitement at trade shows, a great contact maker. Museums, Universities, Stores, Trade Show exhibitors, Architects, Retailers and Designers have all found our 3D hologram maker to be the "WOW" solution they were seeking for.

Keep in mind that our design department has created many options to present this product on a very high level. The WOW scales 22 and 55 cm. are easy to build in all kind of furniture. A new item is a turn table motor, so now your product is free rotating in the air. WOW! There are many new models and on Euroshop we introduce the WOW 18, a free standing display cabart with options to see free floating and rotating holograms on horizontal eye level. A real eye-cather for the introduction of new products, etc. WOW them!

Please visit us on the Euroshop, Hall 5, stand H49 and meet this new technology WOW Magic Lens.

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