Martin Professional


ViroStation by Mach has been designed for applications where an elegant combination of indirect illumination and atmospheric audio is needed.
Based on ViroSound technology, “inconspicuous” flat panel loudspeakers, the ViroStation consists of two oval shaped panel speakers mounted on a slim post and illuminated by two Martin Exterior 200 CMY colorchangers. The panel speakers function as both loudspeakers and light reflectors.
An active subwoofer is integrated into the design, not only driving the sub itself, but also the two panel speakers. Power, audio input and DMX lines are gathered at the bottom of the ViroStation, which also includes a link option for fast and easy set-up. The lighting scheme can run as stand-alone, can be synchronized with other ViroStations or operate through an external DMX controller.
By discretely and elegantly combining loudspeaker technology with intelligent lighting, the ViroStation by Mach blends perfectly into any environment where elegant and well-designed audio solutions are needed.
Possible application areas include theme parks, shopping malls, pedestrian streets or any place there is a need for an attractive and refreshing way of creating a unique atmosphere built on sound and light.
The ViroStation is available in both an indoor and outdoor version.