Basys GmbH

View Terminal

Basys GmbH from Lüneburg/Germany introduces a kiosk system with a special touch.

A kiosk offers a convenient way to get general information, place orders, conduct customer surveys or to browse the internet at one convenient, compact location.

No matter where these systems are placed, whether used in stores by customers or personnel or placed independently, the general demands are the same: the systems have to be easy to use and the design must be extraordinarily attractive to gain the customer’s attention.

Our kiosk systems are offered by our partner GPOS in Herne/Germany under the name of GPOS Terminal. GPOS is a union of IT-Experts, having specializing in POS/POI solutions.

The View Terminal can be ordered in several attractive designs. The front plate is available in stainless steel in a variety of colors. It can optionally be equipped with a touch screen system, keyboard and trackball, a card reader and a thermal printer.

Mainly used id department stores, airports, stations and exhibition halls the Basys View Terminal meets the multiple demands of a “kiosk” system.